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27 de janeiro de 2012
Red Witch Synthtron
1 de fevereiro de 2012
Eric Johnson Signature!
27 de janeiro de 2012
Red Witch Synthtron
1 de fevereiro de 2012

Vox DelayLab

E a VOX anunciou na NAMM o seu novo pedal de Delay: DelayLab.


E não é um simples Delay não. Dêem uma olhada nas especificações da criança:

* Thirty types of delay effects, ranging from vintage to standards to originals
* Precision modeling of vintage delay effects such as analog BBD devices and tape echo
* Numerous original types such as Dual Delay and Distortion Delay offer new expressive power
* Stereo Looping can capture up to 28 seconds; multiple variations and types
* Combine Loop and Delay effects simultaneously for exciting performances
* Thirty diverse rewritable preset programs, ready for immediate use
* Delay time is adjustable in 1 ms steps, to a maximum of four seconds
* Easy access to multiple parameters allows the creation of complex effects
* All parameters can be controlled using an expression pedal [optional]
* Sync Mode allows poly-rhythmic effects to be created quickly and easily
* Seamless Program Change feature ensures smooth transitions
* Advanced Bypass function with decay avoids abrupt effect cut-offs
* High-quality 24-bit/48 kHz audio sampling rivals professional equipment
* Diecast metal body stands up to hard use on stage
* Stereo Inputs; Stereo Outputs (all 1/4″)
* Assignable Pedal Control input

E um detalhe bem legal: O DelayLab vem de fábrica com 10 presets de músicas famosas:

Classic Song Programs: Total = 10 Programs
Welcome to the Jungle – Lateralus – Cliffs of Dover – Rope – Walking On The Moon – Where The Streets Have No Name – Run Like Hell – 2112 – Lovers in Japan – Give It Away

Quem aí vai querer um?


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