Primeiras Impressões Tube Dreamer + JAM Pedals!
dezembro 3, 2013
Versus: Spaceball Silverbox Effects x Phase 90 MXR
dezembro 5, 2013

Panther Cub JHS Pedals!

E a JHS Pedals anunciou seu novo pedal de Delay! É o Panther Cub!




O Panther Cub é uma versão “encolhida” do Panther. O Cub usa 8(OITO!) chips BBD’s e effects loop. Confira as especificações completas e vídeos do produto!

– 1100 Miliseconds of Delay (1.1 seconds)
– 100% Analog signal path
– Eight 3208 Bucket Brigade Delay chips
– Efficient and compact 1590BB size case (4.7″x3.7″)
– 4 Position Ratio control (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, Triplets)
– Standard 9v DC Negative power (300mA recommended)
– Soft-touch Tap Tempo switch
– Onboard Modulation (speed/depth) that stays accurate even when using Tap Tempo
– Internal “ROAR” switch for 2 modes of oscillation sensitivity
– EFX Loop (via TRS splitter) that allows placement of any effect on repeats only
– Dry Out (via TRS splitter) for stereo field of sound
– Space saving top-mounted Input/Output jacks
– True Speed LED (indicates rate of actual delay)
– Assignable Expression (control Speed, Ratio, Mod Depth, Mod Speed
– Improved and Strengthened Feedback and Oscillation
– Improved Delay overall definition and strength
– Tap Input/Output allows external tap controller or tap slaving
– True Bypass Switching




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  1. Junior disse:

    Que delay Massa!

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